2016 Panowski Playwriting Award

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“The Panowski Playwriting Award remains one of the top playwrighting competitions in the country,” said Ansley Valentine, director of theater at NMU. “We truly provide opportunities for playwrights to develop their craft and our audiences get to see plays developed here before they go on to New York or elsewhere. We are very excited to collaborate with Kate Danley on this hilarious play.”

Alumna Directs Play that Premiered at NMU

“I really wanted to do an upbeat comedy and Building Madness was hands down the funniest play submitted for the competition. It also was the best play written in terms of plot and structure. In addition to having a great play, rehearsals have been a joy. The cast is very clever and witty.”  -Paul Truckey

‘Building Madness’ is a fun ride

Building Madness unfolds on stage like some of the great 1930s movie comedies — think The Thin Man or It Happened One Night — weaving innuendo and intrigue, good guys and crooks, witty wordplay, romance, and some sight gags as well into a well-crafted and entertaining package. The writing is taut and fun and engaging. You always wonder where things will go next. The pace is brisk and the dialogue is peppered with funny miscommunications and misunderstandings that lead to some very interesting results. Very entertaining to watch and I dare you to try not to laugh out loud.” -Martyn Martello

World premiere of “Building Madness” takes place in Marquette




Daily Herald Tribune – January 18, 2017

“This play is for everybody; it is a farce, it is a comedy; you will laugh, you will have fun. And it’s meant for all audiences, it’s meant for all ages. It’s clean, so kids can attend.”

unnamedBuilding Madness – Produced by The Grove Theater Center

January 30, 2016

“If you love those great old screwball comedies from Hollywood’s Golden Era of the 1930s, you will love Building Madness…Featuring a picture perfect cast performing in the sophisticated style and rapid-fire word play of those classic films and seeing it all done live is a treat. The plot is straight-forward fun, and what author Danley does with it is rich…Everyone gets their share of clever lines and physical comedy. The ensemble plays together like the pros they are.” -John K. Adams, Tolucan Times

Building Madness Reading – WordPlay at Burdall’s Yard

Produced by Theater Lab UK

January 19, 2015

 “Lastly, we were treated to Building Madness by Kate Danley. This hilarious sitcom-esque play follows Max Marshall and his colleagues, Trixie and Paul, trying to win a contract to save their business from going under by rekindling an old flame of Max’s, Gwen. However, disaster is always around the corner, especially in the hands of the slightly dim receptionist Trixie! The writing is sharp, with lots of great jokes and witty comments flying between the characters and was the perfect play to end on!”

Live Arts Connect

“The final extract from Building Madness by Kate Danley, was a comedy based on office politics and office romance at an Architecture practise on the brink of collapse, arguably brought about in part by the unorganised ditzy receptionist Trixie Fuller (Cate Holmes). What I really liked was the juxtaposition between the larger than life characters of the Architecture practise and reporter Ruby Deleon, and the more subtle softer nature of Gwen Gladwell (Sophie Turner). This worked really well to amplify the comedy of the architecture practise, filled with innuendo and puns.  All the actors involved with Wordplay were confident in the material they were performing. All in all, a brilliant event, providing the rare opportunity to see new work in the developing stage.”